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Arrow Scout District Team - Vacancies

Each of our 14 Groups, 8 Explorer and Network units need more adult volunteers. If you want to volunteer in a very local area, please complete our Adult enquiry form and add this to the comments box. 

These roles help to develop and manage Scouting throughout Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford, North Stoneham, Allbrook, Bishopstoke and Fair Oak. If you want to enquire about a District role, please complete our Adult Enquiry form and add this in the comments box.


Growth & Development Team Lead and Team members

Our head of growth and development is retiring, and we need to find someomne to carry on this great work, and to make thier own impact with this intersting role. 

  • Support and work in partnership with District Exec Trustee Board, District Commissioners, Group Scout Leaders, and other volunteers across Arrow Scouts to achieve organisational growth and development. 
  • Help support and focus local Scouting on the retention and recruitment of adult volunteers. 
  • Help Scouting engage with groups currently under-represented in Scouting. 
  • Enable and motivate local Scouting to devise, apply and refresh focused development plans. 
  • Help develop and deliver training, events and activities, designed to support Scouting and promote local growth and development. 
  • Help identify, create and design new tools and resources to support growth and development. 
  • Recruit adult volunteers to help fill identified leadership gaps in existing Groups  
  • Support Groups to open new provision in line with their development plan, and using local knowledge, contribute to the ongoing development of the project as needed to ensure that Scouting is accessible to all. 
  • Represent the G&D on the Arrow District Exec Trustee Board 

Young Leader Trainer X2

We have a substantial amount of young leaders working in our groups some are also Explorers some are not. We need to offer a full training scheme to them so they all achieve the award of a young leader’s belt. If you see yourself as someone who wishes to support our young leaders and ensure they fully participate in the group section planning and leadership please get in touch.

Network Commissioner

We have approximately 20 of our members that are aged between 18 to 25. The Network section is in place to keep these scouts involved and to offer a flexible approach to the persons scouting. If you would like to lead these members supporting them to have great fun and adventure please get in touch

Scout District Scouters

We are looking to appoint a district team of experienced scout leaders to support the Assistant Disctrict Commissioner and the wider district events and competitions. If you would like to offer your experience and welcome a challenge please contact us.


Permit Holders

We have a substantial amount of our leaders who have adventurous activity permits to climb to go on the water and to aim an arrow. We have an adventurous activity team called Rock & Roll. They are enthusiastic and offer support to groups but they need more members. If you would like to join the team and offer your skill please get in touch.

Find Out More

If you would like to contact us for more details or arrange to meet with a leader, please click the link below for our contact form.

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