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Colin has been busy writting the DC reports to view them please click the link below. 

DC Reports For Webste

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Please check out our first Arrow newsletter. It's made by a group of Explorers who are in our new Media Team - please get in touch if have any good news stories for the next edition.

Arrow Newsletter Spring 2023.pdf



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I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a very happy new year to you all,

2023 is going to be a really exciting time for our scouting. We have the opportunity to really make a difference.

The merge of our two old districts has been hard work but well worth it to bring us together. Arrow district is aiming high and will hit our targets. Now is the year to ensure we come together for the benefit of our young people.

The new district executive is fully functioning under the Chairmanship of Dick Whittington who must be thanked for his time and due diligence to get us in a strong position.

We will be inviting 150 of our membership together at the Hilt Community Centre on Saturday 11th March. This will be a great opportunity to get everyone to buy into the way forward for Arrow district and hear from them what they would like us to do to support your groups.

We are also planning for our first district camp on the 28th April to 1st May 2023. This district camp will be taking place at Lyons Copse which we have booked and paid the deposit. This camp will be a fantastic opportunity to get the young people together and just importantly our leaders to meet up and get to know each other better. At the camp we will also be celebrating St George’s day together. I really hope all our groups join in the fun. That is so important.

All compass records of group adults and district members are now moved across and reassigned to Arrow district. This gives us a total adult membership of 500 volunteers supporting 1300 young people. These figures give us some focus on the support we need to manage. A big thank you to Margaret Patrick and Jeff and Claire Deacon for ensuring that the transfers have been completed so efficiently.

The only members with a role in the old districts are the most senior of officers who still have work to do to complete the financial closures.

The work of supporting our groups has already started with Rob Whittington as our District Explorer Scout Commissioner who has been in discussions with the Explorer unit leaders to reshape the Explorer scout provision. Also Matthew Warren as my Deputy District Commissioner is already supporting groups that are in need and James Elliott is starting to ensure our young people have a voice and help us shape our district to meet what they want and need.

We have a new district Website and facebook page that has been designed. It is still work in practice but we plan to launch it fully very soon. We need to shout load about our scouting and the website and face book page will help us. Each month I will be writing an update so please look out for them.

I have visited all the groups and we have some wonderful strong scouting happening but we do have some group’s that need a helping hand. I will be visiting all groups again and would ask that I am invited to any leadership or executive meetings so I can say hello and offer our help.


The annual census will need to be carried out soon and I will be forwarding your group Chairs the information so we can carry out the census swiftly and accurately.

Don’t forget everywhere you go to ask for more adult volunteers, we need many more adults to join our association. We have plans to help group recruit more adults and together I am sure we can help you grow your groups and make it stronger.

We still have much work to do and alongside the work of supporting groups now we will be focused on how we can go forward this year. That will include the support of the camp site and scout shop which are vital to our scouting.

Final thing from me, please do get in touch if you have any queries or you just want to say hello and have a chat. I am really looking forward to Arrow district helping your groups in the coming year.

Yours in Scouting,

Colin Floyd, District Commissioner.

Mob Tel 07770364711 or

Please visit our district web site:

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I'm sure there are lots of questions about how things will be managed in the new district, and how we will move from two into one. The FAQs here will hopefully answer some of those questions for you.

Please forward any other questions to me: I can then add them to this FAQ as others may have the same questions

What Is Happening?

Chandler’s Ford and Eastleigh Scout districts are merging. This will create one new district team overseeing the existing Scout Groups and the Explorer section units. There will be no changes to Scout Groups as a consequence of this merger, we just want your groups to grow and be supported more.


When Will This Happen?

The merger will be completed on 31st January 2023, as agreed with the County Commissioner. There are monthly meetings being held until then involving the new district executive committee and Colin has now met with all of the group scout leaders and other district support members.


Was There Any Consultation?

Yes, both districts were consulted during the process, resulting in a lot of debate with both positive and negative feedback. Overall, the benefits to front line scouting are deemed to outweigh the disadvantages that might be felt at district level. The district team will value the good work carried out in each of the districts and build upon that going forward.


What Will Happen to The Leaders and Other Volunteers?

The only individuals directly affected by this merger are those at the district level and they are all individually aware. If anyone would like to be better informed just ask, we would be delighted to hear from you. Scouting relies on our volunteers, who are hugely valued, and we continue to look for more adult volunteers and share the load more.


What Are the Advantages of The Merger?

Some of the immediately obvious advantages include: the creation of new opportunities for our young people, as well as providing more choice for people within the new district. There are also administrative improvements that can be implemented at the district level to improve the experience for everyone. 


What is the Name of the New District?

Following a vote amongst all of the scout group membership and young people and across the district teams, the new district name will be Arrow District. This name was chosen as one that would allow both existing districts to bond and flourish under a new independent title. 


How Does it Affect Young People?

The delivery of scouting to our young people will not be affected at the individual groups but we hope that the joint 1300 membership across the district will give them more opportunity to join in at district wide events and share scouting more widely


What About Uniforms, Badges.

We will be having a new Arrow district badge which is being decided upon and announced very soon. The County will be purchasing enough badges for everyone. This will be a joint district and county badge.


What Happens To Our Group/Unit Funds? 

There will be no direct impact to Group funds as a result of the merger – only funds managed at district level will be directly affected. Funds are likely the most sensitive and emotive part of the merger and both districts are affording the transition of district-managed funds with the utmost care and attention it deserves. The current and future arrangements and the transition process are all being carefully considered to ensure they are appropriate and equitable and that hard earned funds are not lost. District teams are also fully aware of each other’s separate income streams and these will clearly be included in discussions. We remain subject to the rules of the Charity Commission and Scout HQ. There is no anticipation of additional County funding (beyond that stated above) at/after the merger, therefore Groups/Units should continue to consider carefully their financial position and their future requirements. No decisions have been made and all funding issues continue to be explored. More information will be shared in future communications. 


What About Explorer Units? 

It is recognised that Chandlers Ford and Eastleigh manage Explorer Units slightly differently, however all of the principles outlined above remain the case for Explorer Units. There are opportunities to align the supporting administrative arrangements to a best practice, however no decisions have been made and this issue continues to be explored. More information will be shared in future communications. 


What About Cranbury Park?

Cranbury Park is an incredible facility currently managed and funded by the Chandler’s Ford district. It is used by Groups from across the wider area for a small fee that contributes to upkeep, bills and maintenance. An Arrow district camp site subcommittee has been formed and those who have managed the site continue to support the campsite and they are now hopeful that many others across the wider district will join in and help them. The intention is to ensure all Groups/Units across the new district are able to access and enjoy the site. More information will be shared in future communications. 


What About the Scout Shop? 

The Scout Shop is essential and serves a far wider audience than just the Eastleigh district in which it resides. No decisions have yet been made as to how to manage this facility after the merger, but discussions to date have seen no reason to alter what is already in place. This will continue to be discussed and more information will be shared in future communications. 


What About the Canoe and Kayak Units?

Both units offer a great opportunity for young people, and the units already share infrastructure, although each is funded separately from each district. We are looking to grow the adventure team with experienced permitted leaders from across the district and to give all our young people the opportunity to go on the water, go in the air, shoot an arrow and climb a mountain. If you would like to make more use of your permit and offer your skill more widely across the district please speak to us.


Will we be having a new District Website?

We have had a new Arrow district website designed for us ready for our launch most of our information and communication and promotions will be on the website. Please look at it regularly.


Will we be getting together?

Yes, we have now booked The Hilt community centre for Saturday 11th March for a district conference, we are inviting 150 of our adult members and some youth members to come together for a day and help us shape our new district.


Will we be holding a district camp?

I have booked our first district camp at Lyons Copse during the bank holiday weekend 28th April to 1st May2023 A organisation team has been formed to plan the arrangements. This team will be meeting early in the new year. We will be holding a site visit to talk to you about the arrangements. We look forward to all our groups joining in the fun.


How will we help and Support Groups?

We want to continue to support and grow our camp site and scout shop. We also want our young people to have a wide range of adventurous opportunities and that may well mean purchasing some district equipment to enable that adventure.

We also are keen to grow our scouting and have more adult volunteers appointed so that we can share the load and fill any key vacancies we may presently have.

We also wish to support the use of OSM for our record keeping which makes life much easier for our group section leader teams.

We also want to support you and your groups to be stronger and really encourage that we are seen to be one big family of scouts.

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There is information starting to come out about the upcoming transformation of how Scouts is organised, run and developed. Please see the link below for the latest information we have available. This is a shortened version of a much longer presentation, with only the most important parts retained.


More information will be shared as and when we receive it.


Latest Transformation Overview.pdf

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